Paper and Panel Suggestions:

Tips for Paper Authors

  1. Submit your paper by March 1 (maximum 10,000 words including abstract, figures, references, and appendices; double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12).
  2. Don’t try to present your entire paper. You will have 12-15 minutes to present. To prepare, create an outline of your talk, with the main points you would like to emphasize. Condense your notes into a manageable amount of information. Remember that you have a limited amount of time.
  3. Practice. Time yourself. Practice again in front of an audience in your department or with your colleagues. Practice speaking in front of a mirror to help with maintaining eye contact.
  4. Any PowerPoint slides you prepare should complement, rather than replace, your talk. Limit slides to key points and to findings that benefit from visual display. Ensure each slide is easy to read and font size is large enough for audience members sitting in the back of a typical meeting room to read.
  5. If using PowerPoint or other presentation software, arrive at the conference room in advance to ensure you can hook your laptop up to the projection system in the room. All meeting rooms are set up with a projector system.

Tips for Panel Chairs 

  1. Papers should be presented in the order they are listed on the program, unless the panelists request a change or the chair recommends that a different order would better suit the ensuing discussion.
  2. Help the panelists keep their presentations to the allotted time and remember to signal time remaining toward the end of their presentations. In order to keep the panel on schedule and ensure everyone has sufficient time, be prepared to politely but firmly ask panelists to conclude, if they have gone over their allotted time.
  3. Evaluate the paper and provide feedback.
  4. Are there specific ways the author could improve the argument or research?
  5. Connect the papers to the broader theme of the panel and/or deterrence. How do the papers on this panel challenge and inform each other?
  6. Connect the papers to the broader body of knowledge on this topic.
  7. At the close of your comments, suggest some questions for further research or discussion.

Please contact Program Chair:  Dr. Ellen Pirro at with questions about potential submissions and participation.

Information regarding registration will be provided at a later date.