Thinking about Political Science?

Is there a better place to study political science than in Iowa and at Iowa State University? We don’t think so. Every four years the state, the community and our campus are overrun with opportunities for politically minded students to get involved with the campaign of your choice.

The study of political science is designed to enable students to understand the nature of politics, public values, and the institutions and processes of politics in their various forms.

Students completing a major in political science will understand and be able to interrelate the leading theories, literature, and approaches in the subfields of American government, political theory and methods, international relations, and comparative politics. Graduates can analyze and formulate effective argumentation in written and oral forms, including the ability to appreciate and accommodate diverse political ideas, and the ability to collect and critique information and ideas of others in support of original arguments. Graduates appreciate the knowledge and civic responsibilities required for effective participation in political life.

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The Political Science Department offers work for a Master of Arts degree (MA), with a major in Political Science or Information Assurance, and minor for students in other departments; a joint Master of Arts/Juris Doctor (MA/JD) program with the Law School of Drake University; as well as a Master of Science in Information Assurance (MSIA) as an interdepartmental degree.

A Certificate of Public Management (CPM) is also available for those interested in an educational certificate program that requires less work than a full masters program.

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2016 Professional and Scientific Council CYtation Team Award Recipients

Cy-MOOC Project Team – Iowa Presidential Caucuses, Massive Open Online Course, over 3,000 students from all over the US and world participated

Engineering-LAS Online Learning (ELO), Ritushree Chatterjee, instructional development specialist, ELO, Allison Colton, student course manager, ELO, Meriesa Elliot, graphic designer II, ELO, Kara Hoegh, student video producer, ELO, Darshana Juvale, instructional development specialist, ELO, Andy Lawson, student video producer, ELO, Rema Nilakanta, program coordinator II, ELO, Amanda Rasmusson, program coordinator II, ELO, Chad Sanborn, graphic designer senior, ELO, Steffen Schmidt, university professor, Political Science, Emily Tosoni, (political Science) student course manager, ELO, Caglar Yildirim, graduate assistant-teaching, ELO.