Master of Science in Information Assurance (MS IA)

The Master of Science in Information Assurance (MSIA) is a multi-disciplinary degree designed to provide students the opportunity to obtain professional training in the emerging field of information assurance, studying the practices and policies we use to safeguard data. It is offered through the Information Assurance program (INFAS) and is built around Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science courses that introduce students to software and hardware aspects of cryptography and computer security.

The program also recognizes, however, that information assurance—defined in terms of security, privacy, access, and reliability—is not simply a technical problem but also involves important societal dimensions, including policy, education, ethics, and management. Political science offers many potential intersections with information assurance, including

  • public sector management of information technology
  • forensics and computer crime
  • information technology policy and law
  • information technology and international relations
  • information warfare

Students with interests in these areas can select the Department of Political Science as their home department for this degree. It is also possible to get a co-major in INFAS and political science.

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